about Dr. Tim Bradbury

Dr. Tim Bradbury is known for his unconventional and aggressive strategies when solving the most complex scenarios. He is well-versed in a plethora of programming environments involving Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Python, TensorFlow, Dataset construction and analysis (Data Science), Java (Android), JavaScript/CSS and website CMS systems (WordPress, Joomla).

Many business owners and entrepreneurs fail to fully comprehend the subject of money mastery resulting in unnecessary losses. Dr. Tim enjoys helping people appreciate the principles of making money while utilizing the latest in technological advancements to increase both personal and corporate financial assets.

Dr. Tim created the Artful Gallery where Digital prints, paintings, and jewelry and sculptures are available for viewing and private acquisition.

In addition to painting and sculpting, Dr. Tim enjoys a wide-variety of activities including kayaking, bird watching, magic money making, robot design, sailing, skydiving and conversions of classic cars to alternative, sustainable energy-powered dream machines.